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Jaded Graphfics

Graphics & Writing

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Writing and Graphics
We are the writers and artists who long to leave their mark on the world, but will probably never be able to.

We write of pure emotions and different styles. From poetry to drabbles and even novel-length fics, any type of writing is welcome here at Jaded Graphfics.

The Writers
Chrissy // justanerdyangel
Jana // bellipotens
Jamie // cafpows
Lizzy // irishjewel
Ari // donatello
Mandy // mollywobblez
Liz // onehoureternity
Krystal // lastofthewildes

The writer's application is located here.

We make graphics of any kind as well. From icons to banners to colourbars, we're always looking for new makers.

The Makers
Chrissy // justanerdyangel
Jana // bellipotens
Jamie // cafpows
Ari // donatello

The application for becoming a maker is located here.

The Affiliates
phoenix_elite: A semi-elite Harry Potter community

The application to become an affiliate is located here.